Thursday, May 23, 2013

We Want Honey, Honey!

I was chatting with some friends recently and found out that they started keeping bees on their property. The discussion reminded me that there was a time when I wanted to keep bees myself. My father kept bees for years and my wife can use honey as a substitute for sugar in a lot of recipes. But, for some reason, I just never did anything about getting started.

Now that my kids are older and starting to move out of the house, I'm looking for new hobbies to keep me from zoning in front of the television. I figured now might be a good time to start bee keeping. So I did some refresher research (you can read about it here) to find out what I'd have to do to start an apiary.

I don't like to do any more than is absolutely necessary. Anything more seems a waste of my time. But, I think I've boiled things down to the basics I need to accomplish to get a bee colony thriving in our back yard.

I'm pretty excited about getting started. I'll keep you posted on the new adventure.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Architects of A Past Era

History's builders amaze me. Lately, I've been studying the Wonders of the ancient world like Alexandria's Lighthouse and the Great Pyramid of Egypt. I'm amazed at what these people were able to get done for two reasons.

First, they accomplished what had never been accomplished before. Modern builders have millennia of experience to review and glean from, but these historic builders had only the idea in their heads. Often we think of ancient peoples as the primitive ones and us as civilized and make the mental leap that we must be smarter than them. I very much doubt that.

Secondly, they did what they did without the use of machines driven by engines. Yes, they used simple machines to get massive monoliths from one location to another, but there's a world of difference between using a simple machine to get a 40 ton block of stone on top of the pyramid and using cranes to accomplish the same thing.

It simply makes the wonders of the ancient world even more facinating to me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another Season Behind Us

Well, the Green Bay Packers have closed the doors on another year. It didn't close the way Packer Fans preferred, but it was a satisfying season. They overcame a lot of adversity and made it to the second round of the playoffs. The season started very rough. They dropped the first game out of the gates to San Francisco and had difficulty keeping their record at 500 in the first few games. Things really turned when they beat Houston (a team that was on a tear). Little by little they chipped away at their schedule posting win after win, and finally they caught up to Chicago who were leading the NFC North. In the end, the team won their division and conquered Minnesota at Lambeau to move to the divisional round of the playoffs. In that round the season came to a close as it began, with a loss to San Fran. So, we're once again looking ahead to the coming year. It's time to begin looking at the players Green Bay might be interested in for the 2013 draft.